Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Trip

We went to Shaun's family's land up on the Res. It was a blast! The kids played and ran wild and Jason and everyone else sheared sheep and I just cooked and cleaned up after. and watched the babies. We slept in our tent and it was about 80 degrees during the day and 60 at night. It was so nice. We met tons of Shaun's family (to which I will only remember half of their names and probably put them to the wrong face next time I see them...sorry). The drive there wasn't too bad 3 hours to Flag. with holiday traffic. And with the stopping and eating and extra shopping we did we got there about 5 hours later. Close to Pinon, AZ. Not too bad. Had eggs, potatoes, and some kind of breakfast meat every morning to which I tried to do after being shown the special ways to do it out on the ranch, washed dishes after each meal which you have to boil the water first to do. Then you have to make sure not to make Grandma get mad that you don't remember to save the crumbs for the dogs...sorry Grandma. Then start a stew for dinner or make lunch for all the people shearing. Then serve lunch and clean the dishes again. Then serve dinner, and wash again. Then enjoy the company of family and friends until you go to bed. The kids got to ride horses. Climb big rocks that freaked me out but they swear it was fun. and Chase even lost a finger nail.. lol Jeremiah loved being able to run around and scream at dogs and play in dirt and mom just watched and cringed at the sight if dirt but knew it didn't matter since they would be in it for 3 days. I don't have pics yet since my camera in in my purse which is...somewhere. lol

Oh and I need to steal...borrow...use...hmm.... Shaun's family recipe for Fry bread and Dry bread....YUM YUM!!!

Oh ya I almost forgot you got to go...hmm have got go to the bathroom in an out house...who hoo! lol

Traffic on the way back was bad but that was from an accident and brush if people would just use their ashtrays instead of the ground...then we could have been home sooner. LOL

So my conclusion is that I would do it again. But I would need a small trailer so I could have more space in the car on the way up, not forget tennis shoes for Gilli, socks for Jeremiah, jacket for Jeremiah, remember that traffic is gonna be bad on the way back, and to get as dirty as possible!

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