Monday, March 22, 2010

My 29th Birthday

So I got nice presents and did nice things this year. Still feel old, have nice friends that tell me I am not old-yet still feel old. I planned on doing nothing but Monique is a good friend and talked me into having a small something. So then the kids get sick the day before and puck non stop all night (3 of them anyway) then I cut my thumb tip kinda off and almost pass out. But survive both. lol then Friday comes I still have sick kids so I postpone the birthday bash until Saturday. Saturday comes and I get a call from Costco that I forgot to pick up my now18 dollar cake since they raised the price, but hey I am getting old so I can buy a REALLY expensive cake, right?? Better go get it. I get it and look at the writing to make sure its right I love the curvy letters and think it would be polite to tell them thank you. So I do and she asked me if something was wrong with it. I say now it just very pretty writing. Get in the car to go get ice and last minute stuff before. And keep looking at the cake since now I feel something IS wrong with it. And think nope still looks fine and yet I think am I sure.... Oh well.

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H said...

You can go back and thank them for shaving a year off your life...

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