Friday, February 12, 2010

Can I Vent?

We went to Chase's concert tonight and before I start it was great and I loved all the performences.
Gilli on the other hand was not listening. At first she was just talking about seeing Chase and talking about listening to songs but was still really just talking. Then came the jumping and climbing on seats and looking backwards. And Then Jeremiah was jealous and wanted in the action so he tried to get up and join in. To which I held him down and said no then he started crying and then screaming to which I held him down and covered his mouth. Which quieted him, but did not stop the flailing of his arms and body. So the lady in front of me turns around an proceeds to give me a dirty look. To which I give one right back. Thinking shut up like I don't already know I am disturbing the concert!!! Duh Lady!!! Then some how he started to calm down so I let him go Then A couple minutes later Gilli starts getting louder and louder and louder and LOUDER!!! SO I grab her and cover her mouth and hold her down to which she continues to scream under my hand and kick and flail more than Jeremiah did. So again the Lady in front of me turns around and gives me another dirty look to which I give right back again, this time thinking Shut up Lady like I don't know my daughter is being loud!!! Shut up and mind your stupid business!!!!! So then the lady next to us says to let her sit with her so I do and she calms down and we continue the concert for a while. Then Gilli startes to talk louder and louder so the lady tries to get her to be quiet and when she wont she says go back to your mom which makes her mad and she starts throwing a fit AGAIN!!! So I tell her to be quiet to which she just says NO and starts to be even louder to I grab her and hold her down and cover her mouth (knowing this probably wont work but maybe it will end before I have to let go???) Then you will never believe who gave me another dirty look!!! Only this time she proceeds to tell me You need to leave!!!! SO now I am pissed!! This lady is sitting here with her kids and telling me to leave because I have one child that wont be quiet for an hour!!! So I say right back!!! With attitude!!! NO I AM TRYING TO ENJOY THIS TOO!!! WHAT YOU'VE NEVER HAD A CHILD BEFORE??????? To which she turned around and didnt look back the rest of the time! I really hate people some times!!!


Monique said...

I am convinced there are times in your life where you love your kids less. Sounds mean...but I know that you know what I mean!

Glad you spoke your mind to that lady.

Not so glad you had two terrors. I guess that is better than 4 terrors.

Jennifer said...

Grr! I think I would have snapped at that woman too. It can be frustrating at times to have kids. All I can say is I am sorry you had to deal with that.

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