Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh My!!!

This is so Funny!!!! I can't stop laughing!!!! I love her noises and singing!!!!


Nikia, May and da kids said...

It is the funniest thing but what's even funnier, is the fact that my 9 year old daughter does it for laughs and I do it with her and we howl over this video, but I actually think the darn thing is working! Atleast from a cardio stand point.

Do it with your family and watch how hard you laugh.


H said...

"You've got nothing but time... you've got it now, if not- you're never gonna have it." Oh my heck, what a crack up! I'm reminded of the oompa loompas for some reason. I love it when the sidekicks do a freeze frame and how their feet are glued in one spot.

Bridget said...

I know right!! Its so hilarious I love it yet I cant stop laughing.....good for the

Pam said...

Well I love the workout outfit!! forsure I want one!! WOW what a great laugh for the day! It really makes me want to get right on my work out!! LOL

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