Sunday, September 27, 2009


Why is it when I clean my house more than normal, you know do the extra things you don't normally do, it smells more than normal? There are new smells that stink but I keep thinking that I cleaned everything and better than normal why does my house still smell? I don't get it.


Marie said...

It's because you cleaned the dirt from on top of the smell so now it can get out and stink some more. It happens to me too. And even worse when I clean the floor extra well the ants manage to find their way into the house easier too! UG!

Bridget said...

oh so true! I do have more of an ant problem if I mop the kitchen and scrub it well. Wow I didn't tie that together. You know what I think I will just stop cleaning and then I wont have ants or gross smells. lol

H said...

I also heard that lice love a clean environment. SOOOO, if you stop cleaning then maybe you'll never have to live with lice again. I don't know though, somehow this isn't all adding up correctly...(it's like an evil trigonometry problem, isn't it?!)

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