Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Trip to Flag

I decided to go to Flagstaff yesterday to see my mom and my uncle at his Grand Opening of his new Gaming place. So I wanted to leave right after the kids got home, to beat traffic. Of coarse I fell asleep on the couch and the kids got home and I wasn't ready to go. So we got ready and left a little before three. The kids were pretty good considering it is a two and a half hour drive. (Which by the way I thought was only two hours) Chase threw up on the way up there. I forgot to give him a pill before we left, and I didn't bring a bucket. So he got to throw up in a cup. Yup that's all I had in the car.
The kids were really bored there I hadn't really thought it all the way through, I guess. But we played jump rope in the parking lot and played in the back of the truck and the kids played with balloons. Then we took pics and headed home.
We stopped at Wal-mart before we left to get some snacks for the trip home. And Jacob started throwing a big fit in the store and then started hitting me and smacking me. So I decided to just buy what I had and leave . Then Gilli and Savannah started beating each other up in the cart. Then Chase and Jacob started running around the store. And I couldn't find them. So after I found Chase and Jacob and bought the snacks we headed home only I forgot to get gas because of the commotion. So we had to stop in a tiny nothing town to get gas where everything was closed and I was in the dark by myself. Then a cop drove up to me and told me that my licence plate light was out and he didn't want me to get a ticket but he wanted me to know. So we get back on the road and Gilli says shes really cold and then without any other sign she starts throwing up all over and again I don't have anything so she to gets a cup. But she wouldn't throw up in it so I have to drive for miles with the car smelling like throw up and Gilli crying the she is dirty. So we find a rest stop and get cleaned up. Which is really hard in a sink with no paper towels. Then Gilli and I come out of the bathroom and Jacob says he sees a tarantula. So I go over to "see a toy" and NO its a real tarantula! just sitting by the pay phones hanging out. Then as we go back to the car I notice that the "birds" flying over us are really bats! Yup we saw bats and a tarantula on our trip. Too bad I forgot my camera!
Anyway I put Gilli's seat in the back of the car, pull out my extra booster seat and put Gilli in Savannah's high back booster and Savannah in the regular booster. And we were off again.
Then all the kids feel asleep and I was left all alone and all I could think of was sleeping. and Everything I did just made me sleepier. I did make it home without falling asleep but I was so nervous driving by myself at night I think next week we will just go to the lake for a day and if I get tired on the way home its only a 40 min drive instead of 150 min.


Monique said...

That is alot of barf. My naughty kids would have got zero snacks acting like that...

Bridget said...

They didn't get snacks the snacks I got were for me.

H said...

On the UP side... the cop didn't give you a ticket!!! Sorry about the rest, especially the barf.

Bridget said...

I think it was a nice trip minus the driving time stuff but I think the hanging out and weather was nice.

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