Thursday, August 6, 2009

I crocheted and enjoyed it

Recently I haven't enjoyed anything I don't know if its because its summer and I just don't want to do anything or something else. But I made a set of earrings and a loofah and a little birdie and now a shirt and a necklace. Now I don't even know if I like everything I made but I made it and enjoyed it! So whatever! I do have to say that I think the loofah would work better in a nylon yarn, and the earrings are a bit big but I like the birdie and the shirt so far. I hope I keep enjoying everything I make.


H said...

I have a bunch of yarn calling my name from an ottoman on my left. Thanks for the encouragement because I could use a little enjoyment too! I think it's the feeling of being trapped in your house because it's too freakin' hot to go outside that causes this. Let's name it: 'heat depression'?; or, 'I live in an oven' funk?; or, 'what the hell do I do when it's 110 out' rant? I don't know, but it sucks and I'm really ready for it to be over.

Bridget said...

Yes something like that! I am so ready too!

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