Sunday, May 31, 2009

Contest below!!!! 200th post !!!

I have reached my 200th post and wanted to do something fun. So I wanted to try to list 200 of my favorite things. But I have tried for weeks and all I have is 50 so whatever...

I also want to have a contest since its my 200th post so leave a comment to be in the drawing for a beaded bookmark. You can let others know about this post if you want to. I will find the website that does a random number pick. And that will be how I pick the winner.

200-reading for pleasure
199-watching good movies
198-listening to the radio
197-going out to eat
196-playing on the computer
195-playing with Jeremiah
194-watching Gillian play ponies
193-watching Savannah sing songs
192-listening to Chase describe different things
191-watching Jacob play soccer
190-my new dishwasher
189-my new van
188-my new double stroller
187-taking walks
186-doing Tae-bo workouts
185-wearing scarfs in winter
184-playing in snow
183-doing crafts
179-singing loud in the car where no one can hear me
178-my flat iron
177-wearing flip flops
175-the beach
174-telling people I am left handed
173-laughing like Janice
172-saying my alphabet backwards
171-reading a book upside down
170-doing things left and right handed
169-talking baby talk
168-talking about celebrities
167-going out with the girls
166-listening to my MP3
165-buying stuff off craigslist
164-making new things
163-trying new things
161-smiling babies
160-kids movies
159-getting rid of things I don't need anymore!
158-completing an activity
157-learning something new
156-granola cereal
154-facebook apps
153-cool weather
152-reading good books
150-when my kids are good


Rachel said...

Nice to hear from you again, Bridget. I noticed you'd taken a break from blogging but holy cow I forgot how you're now a mother of 5 children home all day :). Sign me up for the contest, por favor!

Monique said...

You have five kids and you can't think of 200 things you like. LOL

Just kidding. Sounds a lot easier than it really is.

I want a bookmark too! :)

H said...

Ya know, I don't even have a clue how many posts I've done. Bill just put up #100 and stressed over it too. Maybe I'm grateful I can't keep track of that stuff. Nice start on the list of 200 things.

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