Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NTS: Easter Pageant

Take more blankets-one for every 2 people.
Take more food-so kids don't complain.
Take more water-but not enough so they have to pee really bad.
Take camera-more like remember it I always want to take it.
Show up early not late to get good seats.
Take jackets-so if blankets aren't being shared you are still warm.
They have seats even for dress rehearsal.
And the most important thing remember to look at Easter Pageant blog post to remember all this stuff since I posted last year and still didn't bring stuff.
and So far my favorite parts are the angels on top and when Christ heals the children. I cry when he heals the girl. Chase's fav was His resurrection. Jacob's was everything. Savannah was when He was on the cross. Also Jason watched Gilli and Jeremiah so I could sit and watch rather than try to keep Gilli seated while Jeremiah cries. It was very nice I want to go back before it ends.

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Lana said...

Aw I love the Easter Pagaent, that is one of the things I really really miss, the Easter Pagaent and the Christmas Lights. Glad you got to watch it...Jason gets a few brownie points for that one! lol :)

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