Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wynonna & Ashley (Judd sisters)

Alright, I know Jaylee has chickens but Jason has wanted chickens for a long time (he also wants a goat, a huge garden, and to
live on land where everybody lives the law of consecration...) so we aren't really bitters we had a plan to get chickens before Jaylee got her chickens she just got her chickens first...

Jason's coworker (Rebecca just in case I mention her in the future) said she was selling some and we could have some if we wanted. So Jason told her we wanted them and she nicely kept and fed them for us until they were old enough to give away. So we got them today and Jason has been building a coop and a pen the last week. They should start laying next month sometime. Whoo Hoo!!! (The red head is Wynonna,the brunette is Ashley.)
So someone moves up on Jaylee's list since I wont need her eggs. Thank you though, Jaylee. Your eggs looked very yummy.
I told Jason though, I am not taking care of these chickens I wont pick up poop or feed or whatever chickens need. I already have 5 little chickens of my own. And I take care of most of their needs all myself. So these can be his babies I mean chickens... whatever?
These are Easter egg chickens so their eggs are anywhere from green to brown. We wont know
until they lay some, but they are supposed to be called Ameraucana or Araucana. They look more like Ameraucana since I looked it up.


Davey said...

I cannot explain my jealousy. I hate all you Tempe people who get to do cool things.

H said...

Lucky, lucky you! Happy egg laying at the Hopkins house. I like your new background too.

Bridget said...

Why Thank you Thank you. Thank you very much. I stole the idea from Pam. So I cant take all the credit. but Thank you just the same.
PS I like clovers because I am born on ST Patrick's Day. hee hee hee

btg said...

Because it is inevitable that we will end up with chickens (against my wishes), Does Jason have master plans to the coupe he built? Love the names by the way...

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