Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Years Goals

So last year I posted goals for 2008 and I didn't even want to but I did then I forgot about them until about a week ago. So I looked them up and I don't think I worked on any.... so do I keep my old goals and just roll them over to this year or make different ones and leave these behind or add to last years and have even more???

Here are last years goals.

I need to stop being fat, or love my body the way it is!
Stop being lazy!
Clean more often!
Be nicer to hubby!
Be kinder!
Stop procrastinating.
Stop being a pack rat.
Learn another language.
Learn to play piano.
Need to read more, not just books but scriptures too!
Stop being so hard on myself.
Having sheets for my kids beds all the time no matter if they pee on them every night!
Yes I admit if they pee on their bed one night the next they might sleep on no sheets.

Here are this years add-ons

Have FHE each Monday.
Have family prayer every morning.
Go to the Temple often.
Spend more time with my Family.
Make a schedule and keep to it.
Keep up on laundry.
Be on the computer less. (This is hard I like the computer so much)
Lose weight / stop eating so many sweets


H said...

I thought you had a schedule and were cleaning more? Yep, check that off and then you can check of lazy and procrastinating too. If you do this then you aren't being hard on yourself and you will be kinder to others (check, check!) See, check off 4 things. Ditch the language and the piano... your second language and 3rd language right now is related to the babblings of a baby and the craziness of a toddler. Two languages I don't speak right now. I can't help you with the sheets, but if you do wash them all the time you will be cleaning more. (maybe more sets would be appropriate? They are pretty cheap at IKEA)

With all that said... I think you're pretty cool the way you are and I absolutely abhore New Years Goals! (they just make me feel like a failure)

Monique said...

What goals. Mine would be get more sleep, clean less, play know, that kinda stuff.

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