Monday, November 3, 2008

My super long weekend

My long weekend started Thursday. I made dinner for the Willis's, went to the kids Family Night (used to be called Fall Festival) then Chase's Scout Regatta Night and then home to get the kids ready for bed. Savannah's birthday was Friday and I was trying to throw her a small surprise party. So I had to make the cake while she was gone and since Thursday was too busy I had to make it Friday but I also had to take Jeremiah to the doctor and I was watching Ember and Owen. And the kids get out early on Fridays. So after school we started getting ready for Halloween. Then to the Trunk or Treat we went and after a long night went home only to get up early to get ready for Jacob's soccer game and then sneak to Monique's house to set up the cake and balloons and then have Savannah come and be surprised... Which did work the only problem was she was sad that she didn't get any cake or ice cream on her "birthday day". So no more surprise parties, its too much stress. Then after the party home to have my dad over to see Jeremiah for the first time since we had the colds and lice at our house for so long. Then try to clean the house before going to the conference Saturday night. Then last minute shopping to be ready for Sunday. Then home to do a load of school clothes so I didn't have to do it on Sunday, and a load of dishes to try to catch up but it doesn't help the big pile of dishes so to bed and up early to get ready for conference, with another load of dishes. Then the whole time trying to keep my kids quiet. Back home to make lunch and more dishes then remember that I don't have any more whites so I throw a load in even though its Sunday, and then try to relax with a game of "killer bunnies". Than later make dinner with Moe, and scriptures before bed. Today is pretty much the same, 3 loads of laundry to catch up, more dishes, sweeping, making food, feeding the baby....more mundane tasks all day.
I hate living on a routine. It bores me to tears. The unstructured approach works better for me. I love being able to whatever whenever.


H said...

Whooshta, birthdays exhaust me as well as halloween. I did some laundry yesterday as well and I'm with you on the schedule thing. I try hard to balance a routine for the kids and some surprises for me.

Liz said...

Wow, you are one busy women! Thank you again for dinner, it was delicious. Hopefully we can stop by some time tomorrow to drop off your dishes.

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