Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I know I don't have the sling thing down perfect just yet but I am getting better. I nursed in the sling while I walked around the Zoo. and then I nursed in sacrament meeting (while Jason was passing sacrament and I didn't want to leave my rowdy 4 alone) And then we went to a trunk or treat Friday and I nursed while I trunk or treated. Then I nursed during the Fireside on Sunday. All without anybody knowing. (except Moe who was sitting next to me) So to conclude I think I am starting to get the hang of Slinging.


Crystal said...

that's what I love about the sling - your life can continue on while you nurse and nobody is the wiser.

proud parents said...

I'm still learning! My babe loves the sling so long as she is facing outwards. Turn her to the chest and fit a snug wrap of fabric around her head? Forget it! We both love the sling, we both love nursing . . . how can I get her to combine the two???

H said...

Impressive. I never got the nursing in the sling thing down. Good luck with the baby weight, but I think you look pretty good now!

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