Saturday, July 12, 2008


So I just made my first cheesecake and served it out and as Savannah was taking her first bite she says...I wonder what cheesecake tastes like? It was really cute. Then Gilli told me Cake-Good.
She seemed to really like it too. Thanks to Carol for the recipe and teaching me how to make it.
Here is Gilli making a mess out of it.


Rachel said...

Oh my gosh that girl has GROWN since we left! And hey you only have a couple months left before the new baby arrives, did I miss the post announcing it's sex, or are you guys keeping it a surprise??? I'm super excited either way, wish I could be there to bring you some yummy dinner like you did for me :) Good luck!

Bridget said...

We are leaving it a surprise.

Monique said...

Hope you saved me a piece.

Bridget said...

Make your own...I know you know how...miss I don't like cheesecake...

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