Saturday, July 26, 2008

Savannah's first REAL haircut

I have trimmed bangs and just the ends of here hair before but never really cut off length but I was looking at it and it was really ratty looking so I trimmed a lot off this time. So she doesnt know how much I really took off I just told her I had to trim the back since she crys when I mention cutting her hair. but here it is.


H said...

Very good. It must have been that weekend, I did the same to Tasha who wants me to cut it to be long hair. Hah!

Crystal said...

Cyrena doesn't like getting trims either but I tell her that she will have less knots and her hair will be healthier and therefore grow faster if she trims it. It is hard to explain that to a girl who just wants to have long hair.

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