Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mopars at the strip

.Theses are a few of the factory 68 S/S cars
Bob Riggiles 68 HEMI UNDER GLASS wheel stander. Retired last year.

Another view of the factory S/S cars. Not all of them were parked under the tent because they were on the track, like the DRAGON LADY 68 Dart.
View through the bullet hole in my windshield between phoenix and wikenberg.

Fuel stop in Wikenberg.


H said...

Oh my gosh, who gave Jason a camera and rights to the internet! Zzzzzzzzzzz...the sounds of my snores :) It cracks me up what people care about and I can believe I'm friends with so many car fanatics. Why won't any of you fix my clunker?!

shaunton said...

I like your Dart cuz she's a Swinger!!!! Nice Pics.

Matthew J. said...

And for this you missed softball? Sheesh...

Really cool cars man!

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