Monday, March 31, 2008

Lots of stuff

So I went through Savannah's room the other day and we cleaned it, and then went through toys and stuff to get rid of. So then I went through her shoes and put the big ones away ans the small ones either to Gilli or get rid of. and then I noticed she was missing a bunch so I told her to look for them. So as she's looking I notice all the shoes that are missing another are all right shoes. She is missing all her left shoes?!? Don't really understand but whatever.

Then Savannah likes to say cute things she used to say
"My tummy's hungry, come on come on, why won't you feed me, pthpthpthpth :P" Just yesterday she said
"My tummy is eating me."
So Jason asked her what do you mean? And she plainly said "Its eating me."

Jacob like to say things with "ing" on the end. Like Chase is going boyscouting, or lets go scootering. Its very cute.

I feel bad but Chase doesnt do cute things he just does things like hit his brother and sisters. Choke Jacob. yell at me. brake things. throw things. Scream. Lie. Not do his homework.

Then, I hate getting on the freeway in the morning because it is always backed up and people don't like to wait in line so they try to speed up and cut you off. So I never let them but people in front of me do and it annoys me. But occasionally they don't let them in and the "cutter" just drives in the straight only lane and turns anyway cutting off someone by taking the lane. But today the guy in front of me cut the "cutter" off which was so funny to see because he made the "cutter" so upset and swerve into the dirt. Maybe next time he will wait in line. lol


H said...

Bill and Jacob could write a new dictionary. Jacob adds ing's, Bill adds er's. For instance, putting 2 new words into a sentence: Jacob, the scooterer, went scootering down the street.

Bridget said...

I love it. rofl :~D

Matthew J. said...

I have to say that most times I am one of those nice folks that doesn't mind people cutting in.

Then again, that could be why the trip to SLC took almost 13 hours... haha...

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