Monday, January 28, 2008

My Monday...

So I forgot to wash the boys clothes for school so I finally remembered Sunday night. Great, right? So I figure its just one small load. So I throw it in and again forget about it again until I'm half asleep and think about it so I get up and throw stuff in the dryer and start it and it won't start (well I could hear air blowing but not turning) So I now have to get dressed so I can go out front and flip the breaker and then come back and start it again but again it wont turn. So I now have to find places to dry clothes over night. and fix the breaker in the morning.

So I drop the boys off at school and go to Lowes but I forgot to check the brand I knew the voltage but not the specific brand. So now I have to go home and check and go back to the store. alright now I'm at Home Depot and find out they don't sell that brand anymore and have to find a comparable one. Hmm ok this one looks like it. Get back home and its not!!! Have to go back to the store and get a different one. (this time I bring the old one since I already took it out) find a comparable one and come home and put it in and all in all. The changing out only took maybe 2 minutes. But since I bought wrong ones and forgot stuff it took until about 10 am when I went to the store at 8 am.

Then I tell the kids that its vacuum day and whatever is left on the floor gets put in time out. I tell them over and over and even make them tell me. So then tonight I go to vacuum and my vacuum wont even work so I feel stupid threatening all day and then not even keeping my part of the bargain but whatever I couldn't help it right??

So now I have to buy a new vacuum piece, after I already bought a new breaker piece. Still have laundry to do since I didn't want to do it after all that. and I'm considering changing schools just to be closer but I really don't want to...but I am tired of driving them to school every day. So I don't know.


H said...

I'm impressed that you changed out a breaker! If you do that kind of stuff I bet you can't get Jason to take out the chance, huh?!

shaunton said...

Change out the breaker! I don't know where the breaker is on our house! J/k but I never had the chance to change one with a new one. Your Monday was sure exhausting and on top of that too much decisions. =-) OUr lives is just a big decision. Have a good day.

Monique said...

Hey, at least your kids got in don, you can give them praise...and they get to keep their toys, and their room is clean. Good luck with the vaccuum....and school choice...pray about it (the school thing, not the vaccuum).

Bridget said...

I've changed a breaker before too. When the fridge went out at 4 in the morning. I just cant wait for Jason to get home from work and do it. So I do it. I know Jason would do it for me but we can never afford for him to stay home until the store opens and we can buy the part. So I just figure out how to do it.
I did tell them they did a good job with their rooms but I still feel bad.

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