Friday, December 14, 2007

Um, anybody see what I see?

Ok so I haven't even told Jason this yet, but after I got back from taking the boys to school this morning I drove up to the house and saw that the door was still cracked open. Like I leave it for the kids when I tell them to hurry up and shut the door when they come out. Well I realized Savannah was the last one out the door this morning. So she apparently didn't remember to shut the door. But the catch is that no one even noticed or even went into our house so, I guess our neighborhood isn't so bad. because I don't think I would find my house the same in a bad neighborhood. But again I don't try to leave our door open on a regular basis.

1 comment:

Moe said...

um, I hate to admit it, but I have done that before too. You have to shut our door hard. I think it has happened to everyone once or twice. At least I hope I ain't the only one!

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