Friday, November 23, 2007

My Merry Life

Well I have had so many ups and downs this month. I really don't like to have this many but I guess thats part of life. Thanksgiving went very well though. At first i didn't want to invite anyone because I was afraid of having some kind of melt down in the middle of all of the cooking and what not. So we didn't really invite anyone. Then the day before I started getting depressed and kept thinking of how we didn't invite anyone and how lonely I was feeling. So I kept thinking there should be some other family or friends here. But I still never invited anyone so oh well right. Well we got up and started the food, started cleaning the back yard with the kids. Continued cooking the rest of the food. Served all the food. Yum Yum !!!
Cleaned up all the food Jason cleaned out all the dishes and put everything away while I did dishes. Got really tired so we took a nap since no one was here. Niiiice!!! Got up and watched a couple movies. Put the kids to bed and that was my Happy Thanksgiving day!!!

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